Tree & Wreath Donor FAQ

Tree & Wreath Donors - Frequently asked questions

When and where is the 2020 Festival of Trees?

The 2020 Lawrence Festival of Trees will be held Monday, 11/30/2020 through Sunday, 12/6/2020 at Liberty Hall, 644 Massachusetts Street. Viewing hours will be announced soon. Reservations will be required for viewing hours due to COVID-19 community mitigation strategies, and we will make the reservation process as simple and accessible as possible! More information will be available closer to the event. The suggested donation for admission remains $5 for adults and children over 12 years old. Instead of our usual auction gala, the trees and wreaths will be sold mostly by silent auction. A special selection of trees will be sold in a live online auction. Watch our Facebook page for more information!

How will COVID-19 restrictions affect tree and wreath donors?

We're taking guidance from Lawrence-Douglas County Public Health for all aspects of this year's Festival, from setup day to delivery day and everything in between. For tree and wreath donors specifically, setup day will actually be two days. We will assign time slots on Saturday, 11/28/2020 and Sunday, 11/29/2020. Each donor will be given a time slot to drop off and set up their entries. We ask each team confine themselves to the assigned period, and bring no more than four people. Tree and wreath donors, committee members and volunteers are all required to wear masks in Liberty Hall. It's more important than ever this year that your donation be largely completed before delivering it to Liberty Hall. Utilizing your setup day time slot for finishing touches will help us as we work to ensure everyone is able to deliver their trees and wreaths in a safe and timely manner, making sure we have room for social distancing and are in compliance with gathering limits. We will unfortunately not be able to provide a snack table for donors this year. However, Liberty Hall's concession stand will be open if you would like to purchase a snack or beverage. More general information about the 2020 Festival's COVID-19 response: 1. Public viewing times will be by reservation only, in order to allow for social distancing 2. All attendees and volunteers will be asked to wear masks 3. Attendees will have a temperature check done when arriving at Liberty Hall 4. Surfaces will be sanitized after each viewing 5. Instead of hosting a large auction party, our trees and wreaths will be sold by silent and live online auction We will provide updates here and on our Festival Facebook page as more detailed plans become available.

What are the guidelines for donated trees and wreaths?

Donor guidelines: 1. Trees must not be taller than 7 feet. 2. All decorations must be securely wired to the tree or wreath. 3. Trees must have working lights and a tree skirt. 4. All trees and wreaths must be brought to Liberty Hall and set up on the day and time assigned. (Donors may be divided into two or more groups for setup day to allow for social distancing and restrictions on large gatherings.)

Why are trees restricted to less than 7' high?

Trees must fit in the moving vans generously provided by our wonderful delivery day partners from Professional Moving & Storage. We also want to make sure trees fit through a traditional doorway. We are able to take a few larger trees each year, so please reach out to the planning committee at if your project may top that height.

I'm considering donating a live tree, what do I need to know?

Trees need to be able to survive under hot theater lights for seven days. We may call on you to assist with watering throughout the week. Delivering live trees is also challenging for our volunteers as they are much heavier than artificial trees, so we may ask for your assistance.

May I deliver my tree to its buyer? What if my tree has many parts or props?

Volunteers wrap and deliver our trees, but if your tree is especially fragile heavy, or has special setup instructions, we would love your assistance! Let us know in your profile form and on setup day if you are able or willing to help deliver your tree. Tree delivery may look very different for the 2020 Festival, and we may need more help than ever before, so we may need to ask more of tree donors this year regarding delivery. If your tree has parts or pieces that should be removed or packed up, or there are any special instructions regarding tree, please complete an inventory sheet on setup day. A Festival committee member will help you with the checkout process before you leave setup day, please review the inventory sheet and special instructions with them. Remember, volunteers will wrap your tree and others will deliver your tree. They may not be aware of how your tree should appear or what belongs with it. While we do our best to communicate the specific needs of each tree, it's important we make this as clear and simple as possible in order to make sure the right items end up in the right places.

How can I make sure my tree or wreath gets to its buyer in good condition?

Each tree has its own team making it beautiful on setup day, but on delivery day we have three or four volunteer teams each responsible for a moving truck full of trees. Moving fully assembled and decorated trees can be difficult, which is why we ask that everything on the tree is securely wired to the tree. We also need an inventory of anything like detachable toppers or items arranged under the tree, in order to make sure everything is handled appropriately and kept with your tree. Remember, you may deliver your own tree if you prefer and may be asked to at least assist with delivery if it's especially fragile or heavy.