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Bid the Cause Now Live!

Bid The Cause

Each year at the Festival of Trees auction, we ask our guests to consider a gift to support a specific part of our mission. This year's ask is near and dear to our hearts, and you don't have to be at the event to participate! Pledge forms will be available at Festival of Trees viewing hours and the auction event. Make a gift online anytime!

Toni’s Promise: Warmth for Every Child

If you’ve ever visited The Children’s Shelter office, you’ve likely met Toni Retonde. Toni is one of the first faces children & families see when they walk through our front doors, and she always makes a point to greet them. Toni joined the Shelter staff in 2014 as the Administrative Assistant, but she is so much more than a friendly face & hardworking staff member. Toni is the thread that holds the Shelter programs together through her patience, organization, and positivity.

On an extremely cold day last year, a youth walked into the office with only a small blanket covering their shoulders. While the Shelter strives to keep donations on hand and meet the immediate needs of all our clients, this child left without a coat that day. Toni took it upon herself to seek a donated coat and brought it to the office the following day.

The Children’s Shelter has chosen to honor Toni by initiating a fund that ensures that all children and families we serve can have their immediate needs met. Whether it’s a warm coat, a pair of shoes, or a bus pass, we ask that you help us to fulfill Toni’s Promise and warm not only the body, but the heart of a child you helped. Please consider a gift today.

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